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Go strong or go home

No it’s not a degrading comment from an above average runner to a newbie who can’t keep up. That would be “Go hard or go home”. It is in fact very good advice to any runner of any standard. As I have said many times, training is about limiting the effort such that at the end of any session you ... Read More »

Short and Sweet

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the incredibly high training distance covered by 800m specialist Peter Snell. He notched up 160 km / week. This week I was prompted by an article in Athletics Weekly by a 5000m runner, Bruce Tulloh, from the same era as Peter Snell who claimed to have only trained 50 km a week. ... Read More »

The Lancet – Medical Journal

I am a regular reader of “The Lancet” It is an independent medical journal. It receives no financial contributions from interested parties (Unlike many journals on sports nutrition who are sponsored by sports drinks companies). The articles and papers are peer read prior to publication to ensure that the studies have been professionally carried out and are supported by data ... Read More »

Primal Endurance – Periodised Training

As we looked at last week, if you suffer from any of the following then it’s time to change your approach to training. You are frequently injured. Your performances have reached a plateau or are deteriorating. Training has become an obsession. You feel guilty if you have missed a session. You force yourself to train even when you don’t feel ... Read More »

Does endurance kill speed?

Quite a number of runners have been practicing low heart rate training during the summer off-season. That is keeping the training intensity low and strictly in the aerobic zone. The most common question I get is along the lines of “Won’t I lose speed fitness with this training?” Some runners question if it is even necessary to do aerobic training ... Read More »

The Diabetes Epidemic

It is the biggest global health threat to the world today. A lot of runners I talk to have little understanding of the condition or its cause and in particular the need to eat a controlled diet. So here is a quick question answer type guide. What is diabetes? It is the prevalence of high blood sugar levels due to ... Read More »


Warning some one about the dangers of dehydration during the summer months is like telling an Arctic explorer to take care not to slip on the ice. The advice is obvious but ignores the real dangers (freezing to death, falling into a crevice being attacked by a polar bear etc). But telling runners that over hydration is many times more ... Read More »