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Time to move up a group?

The performances at last week’s RAK half marathon were stunning. A lot of pbs. Some of you ran way under the time you were expecting and in some cases even faster than runners who are training in faster groups.  So the question arises “is it time to move up a training group?”  Maybe “yes” or maybe “no.” The fact is ... Read More »

RAK Half Marathon 2016 – Race Report

It was another great day at RAK HM. More than 70 members ran in the half marathon and around half of them got a pb. Top credits go to Annemiek Schleurholts who broke 1:30 for the first time and made the podium as 3rd placed Female Masters. Joining her in cracking the 90 minute barrier for the first time were ... Read More »

Wadi Bih 2016

With Katrina and myself spending the weekend at Wadi Bih there is nothing else we can report except for the results of this wonderful event. So here are the solo results and the Team 50 from Friday. If I have time I’ll report on the Team 72 event which takes place on Saturday. Team 50 event Wonderful to see this ... Read More »

More on Fat Burning

Leading up to the marathon I ran a few articles on why improving your Fat Burning metabolism is important for endurance runners, why a high carb diet isn’t necessary and the importance of negative splits. Much of the supporting evidence for these articles comes from the AeroFit scan I under took in 2012 / 2013. I have been asked for ... Read More »

Welcome to DOMS

So yesterday you ran your first marathon and you thought the experience was all over. No way. Today you have the encore, known as the DOMS. It stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It extends that painful marathon experience by another 2 or 3 days. The symptoms are common. You can’t walk downstairs without holding on to the stair rail ... Read More »

Dubai Marathon 2016 – Race Report

There has been talk of changing the distances of athletics events such that new records cannot be compared with old, possibly drug assisted, records. One recommendation is the make the marathon 50km. I hope that this never happens. The marathon distance may indeed be an accident of history, but it is just beyond the point at which you can run ... Read More »

Why Negative Splits

It’s another one of those counter intuitive aspects to running that catches out so many runners. You should run the 2nd half of your marathon faster than the first half. How can this be right? Surely as the race progresses and you get more tired you are going to slow down. How often have I heard the comments “I was ... Read More »

Marathon Tips – With 1 Week To Go

One way to take your mind off the way you feel is to think about what you are going to do over the next few days. You have prepared hard for the event so don’t mess it up with bad planning. Here are a few of my tips. Don’t lay your kit out ready the night before Set it aside ... Read More »

ABRaS 10k January 2016 – Race Report

A wonderful turnout of DRR members at the ABRaS 10K yesterday. 62 runners, 21 made the podium in their age category and DRR won the Female Open, Female Vets and Male Vets team prizes. Well done to all. As well as the prize winners there were many pbs, most of them coming off the back of the training for Dubai ... Read More »

Should you Carbo Load?

Many people have the perception that runners burn a lot of carbohydrates and need a high carbohydrate diet. This leads them to think that before a marathon they should “Carbo-load.” Both are grocery exaggerated. Below is a graph showing my calorie consumption at different levels of training intensity. The intensity is indicated by heart rate. The figures were arrived at ... Read More »