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Taper Time

If it’s your first marathon then you probably won’t comprehend why, having trained hard for 8 weeks, you are expected to ease off over the 3 to 4 weeks leading up to the marathon. You are expecting that final push to achieve peak performance and suddenly you are told to ease off. It is one of the many counter intuitive ... Read More »

Even More on Cadence

Following the last two weeks articles on cadence some runners have been asking as to how you can increase your cadence. For a given speed increasing cadence and reducing stride length improves running economy. It also reduces injury risk since the impact on hitting the ground is reduced and it is easier to maintain a forefoot strike. This avoids the ... Read More »

2015. Another Great Year.

Looking back over the year, 2015 seems to have surpassed everything before it, both for DRR and on a personal level. It didn’t actually get off to a good start for me. On January 1st I lost my passport in Thailand. It was found the next day but delayed my return to the UAE by 2 days. Then I had ... Read More »

Megan tops the UK Rankings

Those of you who may have been embarrassed by being beaten by 12 year old Megan Dingle in last weeks Autodrome 5k can take heart from the fact that you were beaten by a true star. Megan’s time of 18:27 ranks her as the fastest under 13 year old girl in the UK rankings for 2015. 5K        U13    Women 2015 ... Read More »

More On Cadence

I wrote last week about cadence and how it varies little with speed or from runner to runner. The ideal cadence is around 180 strides per minute. Why is this important? What if your cadence is less or more than this figure? Low Cadence If you have a low cadence then it means that you are taking a longer stride. ... Read More »

What to buy a runner for Christmas?

Here are some suggestions. – A pair of running shoes (Especially for Sheikh) – An alarm clock permanently fixed to go off at 5:00 am on a Friday. – A trophy cabinet (For Peter Stueck or Duncan Ross) – The book of a 1001 running injuries (Good for Tia Jones but make sure there is plenty of room at the ... Read More »

How do you change pace?

Below is a chart from Graham O’Donoghue’s  training session last Wednesday evening.As you can see from the chart his speed fluctuated throughout the session. The slower kms are not as you may think, Graham’s frequent pit stops due to a call of nature.  He was actually training at Dubai Autodrome. The slow kms incorporated the up hill section whilst the ... Read More »

Autodrome 5k – Race Report

Another wonderful event. A huge thanks to all the volunteers and especially to those who administered the event, Katrina, Servee and Anja. Thanks also to our sponsors Monviso and Puma. As always the competition was ferocious and a number of runners were pleasantly surprised to find themselves in the prizes.  Gerda Steyn was first female home and also first in ... Read More »

Event Organisers

Last week I paid tribute to the excellent organisation of the DCS half marathon. I also wrote about my lament that such quality club events are becoming lost among the mass of commercial events and novelty events. Indeed the very existence of classic race events is under threat. A few posts on Face Book this week have prompted me to ... Read More »

DCS Half Marathon – Race Report

Yet another amazing day and some thrilling performances. I would love to give credit to all of you, but with at least 65 members of DRR in the race I can’t mention everyone. So let’s start with those who made the podium. Grant Beerling won the M50 category in a stunning time of 1:24:47, Pearse Walpole was 3rd in the ... Read More »