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Running Economy – The Theory

As many runners say, training slow to get faster is counter intuitive. So how and why does it work? To understand you have to get down to basics of how your body recruits muscle fibres for exercise and how those muscles get their energy supply. Muscle types We have two main muscle types, Type 1 also known as slow twitch ... Read More »

Getting It Right

“The timing is also not there… it’s on Hopa Sports this year although it was premier timing chips, guess over promised at the event’s giveaways..” That was a post by Joseph Khatar on Desert Road Runners’ Face Book page in response to the lack of race certificates following the Autodrome 10k. You can thank Joseph for stimulating this response from ... Read More »

Faith, Hope & Charity

At one of the sessions this week I was talking with Graham O’Donoghue about his training for London Marathon. He is targeting to break 3 hours. He was expressing concern about his ability to maintain the required pace, 4:15 / km, for the duration of a marathon. He has every reason to be concerned. Graham has been putting in some ... Read More »

DRR Autodrome 10k – Race Report

A huge congratulations to everyone on their performances at the Autodrome 10k. There were many pbs and it was a personal pleasure to see many runners who have joined the club less than a year ago getting on the podium. That included Vaughan Dingle, 3rd M 5-9 in the 2.5 k race, Sandra Khalil, 2nd female 18-39, Angela Hutton, 2nd ... Read More »

The marathon experience

Every marathon is an experience. There are always things that you learn. You discover a little more about yourself. If it wasn’t that way, why on earth would we run a marathon. I was very happy with my experience at Tokyo, which may seem strange as my finish time, 3:31 was half an hour down on my original target. I ... Read More »

Tokyo Marathon – Race Report

“The day we unite” is the slogan for the Tokyo Marathon. Nothing could be more apt to describe runners of all ages and nationalities, volunteers, bands, marshals, sponsors, civic dignitaries, police, medical staff, athletic federations and the media joining forces to play their part in a wonderful occasion. Whatever your role you would have taken great satisfaction in playing your ... Read More »

More on Fat Burning

Leading up to the marathon I ran a few articles on why improving your Fat Burning metabolism is important for endurance runners, why a high carb diet isn’t necessary and the importance of negative splits. Much of the supporting evidence for these articles comes from the AeroFit scan I under took in 2012 / 2013. I have been asked for ... Read More »

Dubai Marathon 2016 – Race Report

There has been talk of changing the distances of athletics events such that new records cannot be compared with old, possibly drug assisted, records. One recommendation is the make the marathon 50km. I hope that this never happens. The marathon distance may indeed be an accident of history, but it is just beyond the point at which you can run ... Read More »