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Drugs in Sport

Faith, Hope & Charity

At one of the sessions this week I was talking with Graham O’Donoghue about his training for London Marathon. He is targeting to break 3 hours. He was expressing concern about his ability to maintain the required pace, 4:15 / km, for the duration of a marathon. He has every reason to be concerned. Graham has been putting in some ... Read More »

Why Do Athletes Cheat?

Last weeks report by the WADA exposed systematic doping in the sport of athletics, much of it being orchestrated by the very authorities charged with keeping the sport clean. But why do athletes cheat? Is it purely about money? It has always puzzled me as to why a former national record holder who served a ban for drug abuse would ... Read More »

Drugs in Sport

The news this week could hardly be worse. The allegations are that senior members of the IAAF (International Association of Athletic Federations) took bribes in return for suppressing the results of failed drugs tests, enabling athletes to avoid a ban. Full details are not in the public domain because the matter is now the subject of a criminal investigation. The ... Read More »

Drugs in Sport

Last week I wrote about my frustration at media reports based on unsupported allegations, hearsay, personal interpretations etc. That shouldn’t be taken to mean that I don’t think that there is a problem. There is a problem and it’s a huge problem. The facts are bad enough. 4 of the athletes who lined up for the 100 m final at ... Read More »

Drugs in Sport II

Sebastian Coe was a cheat. He broke the rules governing athletics. That is by his own admission in his autobiography. At a time when by the code of the sport athletics was purely amateur he was taking appearance money to race at events. When he started out in athletics he could well have been banned for life, but by the ... Read More »