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Short and Sweet

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the incredibly high training distance covered by 800m specialist Peter Snell. He notched up 160 km / week. This week I was prompted by an article in Athletics Weekly by a 5000m runner, Bruce Tulloh, from the same era as Peter Snell who claimed to have only trained 50 km a week. ... Read More »

Perfect Training

Last Sunday after the interval session one of our new runners remarked to me that the session seemed a little easy. Not surprisingly my reply was “Good, it was meant to be”. I don’t subscribe to the slogans “No pain no gain” or “If it isn’t hurting it isn’t working” Training needs to be measured such that you are able ... Read More »

A Tall Story

The Dutch are the tallest nation in the world. Usually such a characteristic is attributed to Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Ones chances of survival could be enhanced by having a certain characteristic and such characteristics would be passed on to future generations. The theory is used to describe the reasons for a giraffes long neck or a polar bears white fur. ... Read More »

Mo Farah. The ultimate winner

33 years ago on the 7th July 1982 David Moorcroft set a world record for 5000m, 13:00.41. It was the last time the world record was held by a non-African runner. The record was set at the Bislett Games in Oslo. After just 4 of the 12.5 laps Moorcroft decided that the pace wasn’t hot enough and took off on ... Read More »

Too old? No way!

This week I’m on home ground as I talk about the effects of aging on running performance. At any rate at least I can boast more experience in this subject that 99% of the readership of this e-mail. Last week at the Commonwealth Games two of the most celebrated performances came from a couple of 40 year olds. Jo Pavey, ... Read More »

The 4 Minute Barrier

60 years ago on May 6th 1954 Roger Bannister became the first runner to break 4 minutes for a mile. The feat had been considered impossible but in the previous 10 years the world record had been lowered by 10 seconds to 4:02 and it was becoming believable. In a typical understatement the stadium announcer Norris McWhirter (Who went on to publish ... Read More »