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Injury Prevention

What about the rest of the day?

I have told this story before, but a few years ago, I was on holiday with Katrina trekking in the Swiss Alps. The sole of the boot on my left foot came adrift . It was so loose that I couldn’t continue walking without risk of tripping. So I took the boot off and walked with one boot on and ... Read More »

Injury Recovery

Yesterday I ran for 2 hours non-stop on the indoor track at DWT in the company of Malcolm Gatenby and Matthew Boice. Malcolm and myself are running in New York marathon in November and the run put me right back on track for the event. It’s 10 weeks since I sustained an injury to the peroneal tendon in my right ... Read More »

Running does not hurt your body

The quote comes from a book called “Chi Running” written by Danny Dreyer. Like a lot of aspects of running it sounds counter intuitive. Surely you get injured from running? However there is a growing body of opinion which believes that running is the most natural thing in the world for a human to do. The evolution of man as ... Read More »

Injury avoidance

Last week’s article created quite a bit of response. It seemed to resonate with quite a few of you. In fact you only have to mention the word “injury” and somebody will go down with something. This week we will look at injury avoidance. Housemaid’s knee, writer’s cramp and tennis elbow can all be summed up as repetitive strain injuries. ... Read More »

Weeks without injury

Running does not hurt your body The statement may seem hard, even cruel on those currently suffering from injury. It comes from the book “Chi Running” by Danny Dreyer. The implication that the injury is your own fault is not the message you want to here when you are injured. Yet if you can really believe this then just maybe ... Read More »