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The Lancet – Medical Journal

I am a regular reader of “The Lancet” It is an independent medical journal. It receives no financial contributions from interested parties (Unlike many journals on sports nutrition who are sponsored by sports drinks companies). The articles and papers are peer read prior to publication to ensure that the studies have been professionally carried out and are supported by data ... Read More »

The Diabetes Epidemic

It is the biggest global health threat to the world today. A lot of runners I talk to have little understanding of the condition or its cause and in particular the need to eat a controlled diet. So here is a quick question answer type guide. What is diabetes? It is the prevalence of high blood sugar levels due to ... Read More »

Eat More Carbs!

No I haven’t changed my views. But I came across an interesting article posted by Walter Perryman. The article promotes a high carb diet.  You can read it at the following link. http://running.competitor.com/2015/03/nutrition/want-to-run-faster-burn-more-carbs_125336 Much of the article is good. The fact that the fastest runner in a race is not the one who burns more calories, but the one who ... Read More »

Should you Carbo Load?

Many people have the perception that runners burn a lot of carbohydrates and need a high carbohydrate diet. This leads them to think that before a marathon they should “Carbo-load.” Both are grocery exaggerated. Below is a graph showing my calorie consumption at different levels of training intensity. The intensity is indicated by heart rate. The figures were arrived at ... Read More »

Insulin and its metabolic effects

Insulin and Its Metabolic Effects Article by Ron Rosedale, M.D I was forwarded this article from a member this week. If you really are tired of hearing about low carb diets then you don’t have to read this. But if you are concerned about the risks of insulin resistance and it’s association with other ailments such as obesity, type 2 ... Read More »

The weight debate

Whilst in the UK I have been catching up on some of the latest debates on sugar in the diet. The current government advice is that added sugar should account for no more than 10% of your daily calorie intake. However, a body studying the issues of obesity and diabetes is expecting to recommend halving this figure to 5%. To ... Read More »

Low Carb Diet Review

A year ago I put together a series of articles on diet with particular focus on low carb – high fat diets, LCHF. Conventional thinking has been that endurance runners need a diet high in carbohydrates. There was also was also a trend over the last 40 years towards low fat diets. Both assumptions are now being brought into question. ... Read More »

Paleo or Tim Noakes Diet

Last year I wrote a number of articles on latest thinking on diets. The new thoughts are high fat, low carbs and zero processed food (ready meals). The paleo diet is basically the diet which pre-dated the cultivation of crops. Tim Noakes advocates high fat, low carb. You can read his thoughts in “The real Meal Revolution”. A lot of ... Read More »