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Running in the Heat


Warning some one about the dangers of dehydration during the summer months is like telling an Arctic explorer to take care not to slip on the ice. The advice is obvious but ignores the real dangers (freezing to death, falling into a crevice being attacked by a polar bear etc). But telling runners that over hydration is many times more ... Read More »

Training in the Heat

It’s that time of year when I usually put out some advice on training in the heat. The human body temperature is 37c. If it rises to 42c then heat stroke occurs. The brain swells and being confined by the skull brain damage can occur or fatality. Since summer temperatures can rise considerably above 40c, even in the evenings after ... Read More »

Running in the Heat. Heat vs Humidity

Although we talk about the training in the heat being a problem in Dubai, it is really the humidity which makes the difference. Compare my Friday run yesterday with the run this morning. Friday    Saturday Temp c    32.2    37.2 Humidity    71%    22% Wind km / hr    6    10 Distance km    16.1    13.5 Pace min / km    5:34    5:41 HR average  ... Read More »

Running in the heat III

Are there benefits? I am of often asked if, with time, you acclimatize to the hot humid conditions of a Dubai summer and is there any additional benefit to training in the heat. Having lived here for 19 years and still suffering greatly in the summer conditions I am tempted to say no to both questions. However, there is some ... Read More »

Running in the heat II

Precautions The summer humidity is here and it’s a good time to repeat some of the advice i have given in the past concerning running in the heat. First of all let’s look at some of the terminology: Hyper-thermia: The elevation of body temperature above the norm of 37c Heat stress: The extra demand placed on the body’s cardiovascular system ... Read More »

Running in the heat I

Over the last week 3 runners have sent me a link to articles on how to beat the heat. The articles claim that in order to run in the heat you need to cool just the surface of the body and not the core. In fact you can reduce the feeling of fatigue by just applying ice to the back ... Read More »

You Can’t Beat The Heat

On a very humid Wednesday evening last September I joined Anja at Al Barsha park to “Help” her with her long interval session in preparation for Berlin marathon. The session was 5 x 3km at marathon race pace. Anja completed the session, I could barely manage 3 km. Two days later at the DCS Friday run I only managed 7 km and ... Read More »