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Short and Sweet

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the incredibly high training distance covered by 800m specialist Peter Snell. He notched up 160 km / week. This week I was prompted by an article in Athletics Weekly by a 5000m runner, Bruce Tulloh, from the same era as Peter Snell who claimed to have only trained 50 km a week. ... Read More »

How to Reduce Perceived Effort

In response to an e-mail from Sandra Khalil this week’s article looks at ways to reduce perceived effort. Many runners fail to achieve their best because they place too much pressure on themselves. Training alone and setting yourself a punishing training schedule, which your work and family life make it difficult to follow, results in stress. The stress makes training ... Read More »

Real Effort and Perceived Effort

So far in this series we have been looking at improving running economy such that for the same effort you can run faster. But another factor which limits performance is perceived effort. I didn’t have the best of seasons this year but there was for me one high point. I had set myself the target of setting a new age ... Read More »

Once a cheat

“Once a cheat, always a cheat.” Is this true? If so it is a good justification for life bans for athletes who cheat. I make no secret of my contempt for the rules which allow a known cheat back into sport. In 1999, the Motsoeneng brothers from Bethlehem, Free State, who strongly resembled one another, performed an act of cheating ... Read More »

What to buy a runner for Christmas?

Here are some suggestions. – A pair of running shoes (Especially for Sheikh) – An alarm clock permanently fixed to go off at 5:00 am on a Friday. – A trophy cabinet (For Peter Stueck or Duncan Ross) – The book of a 1001 running injuries (Good for Tia Jones but make sure there is plenty of room at the ... Read More »

Event Organisers

Last week I paid tribute to the excellent organisation of the DCS half marathon. I also wrote about my lament that such quality club events are becoming lost among the mass of commercial events and novelty events. Indeed the very existence of classic race events is under threat. A few posts on Face Book this week have prompted me to ... Read More »