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Go strong or go home

No it’s not a degrading comment from an above average runner to a newbie who can’t keep up. That would be “Go hard or go home”. It is in fact very good advice to any runner of any standard. As I have said many times, training is about limiting the effort such that at the end of any session you ... Read More »

Short and Sweet

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the incredibly high training distance covered by 800m specialist Peter Snell. He notched up 160 km / week. This week I was prompted by an article in Athletics Weekly by a 5000m runner, Bruce Tulloh, from the same era as Peter Snell who claimed to have only trained 50 km a week. ... Read More »

Primal Endurance – Periodised Training

As we looked at last week, if you suffer from any of the following then it’s time to change your approach to training. You are frequently injured. Your performances have reached a plateau or are deteriorating. Training has become an obsession. You feel guilty if you have missed a session. You force yourself to train even when you don’t feel ... Read More »

Does endurance kill speed?

Quite a number of runners have been practicing low heart rate training during the summer off-season. That is keeping the training intensity low and strictly in the aerobic zone. The most common question I get is along the lines of “Won’t I lose speed fitness with this training?” Some runners question if it is even necessary to do aerobic training ... Read More »

Training in the Heat

It’s that time of year when I usually put out some advice on training in the heat. The human body temperature is 37c. If it rises to 42c then heat stroke occurs. The brain swells and being confined by the skull brain damage can occur or fatality. Since summer temperatures can rise considerably above 40c, even in the evenings after ... Read More »

How to Reduce Perceived Effort

In response to an e-mail from Sandra Khalil this week’s article looks at ways to reduce perceived effort. Many runners fail to achieve their best because they place too much pressure on themselves. Training alone and setting yourself a punishing training schedule, which your work and family life make it difficult to follow, results in stress. The stress makes training ... Read More »

Real Effort and Perceived Effort

So far in this series we have been looking at improving running economy such that for the same effort you can run faster. But another factor which limits performance is perceived effort. I didn’t have the best of seasons this year but there was for me one high point. I had set myself the target of setting a new age ... Read More »