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Christmas Pursuit Race

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Pursuit Race 2017 2.5K

Pursuit Race 2017 5K


December 16th 2017. Beach Track behind Sunset Mall.

Meet as usual at the Beach track at 6:30 pm. Arrive, a few minutes early to collect your number.

Adults 5 km, Juniors and novices 2.5km, but you must have run the distance at least once since September 1st.

Each runner will be given a handicap based on times on the predictor since September 1st, excluding anomalies.

Runners will be set off at 10 second intervals, slowest first. First to finish wins. Prizes for first 6 places in each race.

The races will be scheduled to finish approximately 15 minutes apart to assist with time keeping. It is usual on this night for runners to get a fast time. Hence as much help as possible with time keeping would be appreciated.

Wear something festive for the run.