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Mo Farah teams up with Desert Road Runners

Anja finish Berlin Half Marathon

Gerda Finishing Comrades 2016

Gerda Finishing Two Oceans 2016

Sugar in your diet

Sugar-Gulfood Conference (2)

Age standards revised 2015



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Age performance rating

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Marathon LSD and Long intervals Berlin 2016

LSD and Long Intervals Training for Dubai Marathon 2016

LSD and Long Intervals Training for Tokyo Marathon 2016

Interesting Reads

3 marathons in 6 weeks by Craig Jordan

WADA Independent Commission Report

Insulin and Its Metabolic Effects

John Hadd’s Approach to Long Distance Training – Lactate Threshold

Training for Senior Athletes by Joel Friel

Running Fast and Injury Free by Gordon Pirie

American Heart Association dietary advice

DRR on You Tube