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DRR Membership

The Annual Membership Fee

Adults: AED450
Juniors (under 18): AED250

Renewal membership (without kit): AED350

The membership includes:
– Club shirt and shorts
– Water during the Friday long-distance training runs
– Free Entry to the Iftar Challenge and Autodrome 5k
– 50% discount on registration to the Autodrome 10K
– Access to all of DRR training sessions
– Various discounts as negotiated by DRR

1) Visit:


2) Click on: ‘Join as a member’
3) Sign up for an athlete account.
4) Confirm the account by clicking on the link in the email you receive. From this link you will be directed to the Desert Road Runners club membership registration page.
5) Add DRR membership to your account.
6) Once your membership has been approved by the DRR, you will receive an email notification with the request to select your club kit and pay for the membership fee online.
7) Once paid, your membership is activated. The membership details and payment receipt are accessible via your Athlete account section

Why are we doing this?
The club interacts with many entities for example, Sponsors, Premier Online, the Autodrome and government agencies. It is becoming increasingly difficult to operate without a formal status for the club. For example potential sponsors need to justify to their own auditors that DRR is a legitimate organization. We need to have a club bank account and this entails registering the club with the department of social affairs. DRR has now been granted a provisional license to operate and to fulfill the requirements of the license we have to establish a club membership.

Why is there a fee?
To operate as a licensed club means that we will incur additional administrative costs, license fees, insurance coverage, an office etc. For more than 20 years DRR has made a modest income from a donation of AED 5 per person at the weekly Predictor. Since opening up the other sessions, two at Al Barsha Park and the Friday / Saturday sessions no charge has been made for these. Many runners attend the training sessions only and not the Predictor hence the income has been unfairly leveled on the ones who attend the Predictor. Rather than charge for the other sessions, an annual membership fee seems to be the best approach. Under the club license regulations Desert Road Runners is a non-profit making organisation. It relies on volunteers and has no paid staff.

How does the fee compare with other clubs?
Other clubs, either by an annual membership fee or via collection of a weekly donation are charging between AED 5 and AED 10 per person per week. As our package at less than AED 8 / week includes a club kit and discounted entries to events the face value of the package compares well with the other clubs. The retail price of the club kit alone is AED 310.

Professional training entities charge at the low end AED 50 / hour for a group session and up to AED 450 / hour for a one on one session. The DRR annual fee is similar to what you may spend on a couple of physio sessions or a pair of shoes.

What if I am already a member of another club?
Many runners train with more than one club in Dubai. This is for reasons of convenience of location, timing of training sessions, type of sessions etc. We would want this situation to continue. However, if you are regularly attending a DRR session we would request that you respect the value you are getting from the session by taking up the membership package.

Do I have to run as a DRR in events?
The choice of which club you decide to represent in events is yours. However, if you are predominantly training with one club we would hope that you respect that club by representing them in events.

What happens if I don’t take out the DRR membership?
Whilst we will always welcome guest runners and occasional attendees we would urge you take up the membership package if you are regularly training with the club.

Isn’t the cost high for families with a lot of children?
The membership package is optional for children. The price of a junior membership is less than the price for an adult even though the actual cost to the club is the same as for adults.
Will I be deleted from the e-mail circulation if I don’t take out the package?
Many of those on the e-mail circulation never attend DRR but take the weekly newsletter out of interest. In some cases it is because they have moved away but still want to stay in touch. We will retain the newsletter circulation as is. However, the distribution list will be segmented such that some information is restricted to paid up members only.
What if I can’t afford the membership fee?
Members with limited financial resources should contact admin2015@desertroadrunners.club and special arrangements will be made for them in confidence.
In response to questions asked I would like to clarify the following.
There is no compulsion for juniors to take out the membership package. We have never charged for juniors at the predictor and have no intention of introducing a charge. However, juniors may take advantage of the membership package if they wish. It is offered at below cost!
If you are in financial difficulties we would not push for payment of membership fees. But please don’t tell me that you can’t afford the membership because you’ve just splashed out on a skiing holiday.
As always guest runners from other clubs are welcome at any of our sessions. We only ask that if you do come regularly that you take out the membership to help us to finance the club.
Dual membership of clubs in Dubai is quite common and I appreciate that many runners from other clubs have also taken out membership of DRR. The choice of which club you represent in an event is yours. The club exists for the runners, not the runners for the club.

Membership ID Cards
Would everyone who has signed up for DRR membership via Hopasports please send  a picture of themselves suitable for use on a membership card. This will ensure that you are able to get club benefits from our sponsors. Send the image to anja@desertroadrunners.club  Please put the words Membership photo in the subject heading and make sure that you include your name in the e-mail body.