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Friday – Long Slow Distance Run

Every Friday 6:00 am

New Down load routes.


Friday Venue: Meadow Village Shopping Mall by Emirates International School

  • All abilities welcome. Guest runners from other clubs welcome.
  • Each session starts with 4 km loop at social pace before splitting into pace groups according to target marathon time.
  • The session then continues with loops at training pace for the target time for each session. The length of the loops will increase as the weather cools.
  • At the end of each loop return to the start area for water / refreshments. Bring enough water for several stops (suggest 330 ml every 30 minutes) + one for finish.
  • Stops are for drinks only and should be less than one minute. If you need longer then the group you are in is too fast for you.
  • The marathon training schedule can be downloaded from the Downloads section, we will be following the Schedule for Dubai Marathon 2016. The schedules for Chicago 2015 and Tokyo 2016 are also included.
  • All sessions are by time and pace, not distance.
  • Weeks -4 to 0 are pre-marathon schedule sessions and are designed to get you to run at slow pace.
  • Weeks 1 to 8 are at marathon race pace plus one minute per km
  • Week 9 is the DCS half marathon.
  • Weeks 10 to 15 are split pace sessions, starting slow and finishing at marathon race pace.
  • Stick to the schedule. If you want to go faster then move up a group.
  • Everyone welcome to meet up at Costa Coffee afterwards.
  • Remember we are meeting very early on a Friday in a residential area. Have respect for the local community and do not talk too loud.

    Setting your target marathon time

    This has to be down to you. You have to be realistic. If you have run a marathon within the last 2 years then it would be perfectly reasonable to aim for a faster time than your last marathon, but no more than 15 minutes faster. If it’s your first marathon then you need to calculate your time based on your 10k or half marathon performance.

    If you click on the pace calculator (in the Downloads section) you can download a simple spread sheet. In the top yellow box select a distance for which you have a reliable time. Make sure that it was a race over the correct distance (some are short). In the adjacent box enter your current best time for that distance in hh:mm:ss. In the green area you can see your equivalent expected times for a range of distances.

    In the bottom shaded area recommended training pace is given for different types of training. The Sunday intervals are at marathon / half marathon race pace.